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#62 Why is it important to Dare To Lead?

What will you get from listening to this episode? Why is vulnerability important? What does it mean to dare to lead? When we choose comfort over courage, we avoid difficult conversations, we don’t give feedback and still hold the expectations over people. So, then why do we choose comfort over courage? Kathy and Deepa discuss…

#33 One critical element to make Change happen

What is the 1 critical element to make change happen? How can a simple thing like dialogue go so wrong and not be taken into account? Or be done the wrong way? Why doesn’t dialogue happen? Three key messages to retain about the role of dialogue in Change.

#17 Part 2 – Why Change is hard?

In this Part 2/3 series, Deepa presents the three reasons why change is hard, provides examples that she has witnessed, and shares how to overcome these obstacles.

#15 Role of Dialogue in Change with Paul Lawrence

Do we really know what is Dialogue? How are we challenged to have real dialogues? How important is dialogue for change to happen? What can you do to put in place dialogues that bring change?