#78 Leadership in times social economic and health crisis Valerie Rocoplan

It is sometimes hard to know how to lead in tough times. What should my leadership look like? What are some simple things I can do during the social, economic and health crisis that we are going through with COVID 19. Valerie Rocoplan CEO & Founder of Talentis gives us insights on what leadership can look like in changing times. 

What insights you will get from this episode: 

– If leadership is not about status, knowledge and hierarchy anymore and if leadership is about helping people to decide, then what must be done to build that environment? 
– What challenges do leaders face in complex times?
– The 5 key elements that can help you as a leader wade through times of social, economic and health crisis.
– How to best manage your energy energy?
– How expressing emotions moves you into action?
– What is the one thing you can do to feel less fear and more connected to people?

# 73 Getting out from hard failures with Dr. Tamer Shahin

This is a true story of an entrepreneur who set up his business and made millions in a short time, got published in Forbes as a digital health thought leader, owned a Ferrari, and then everything came tumbling down the point that his business partner went to prison and he had 2M in personal debt.…

#65 What is the challenge of Distributed Leadership with David Costa

David Costa CEO of Everis UK shares how Distributed Leadership can become a multiplayer effect.  How does it allow people to be  proactive? Why does creating connections become important? What are the side effects of Distributed leadership?

David talks about some of the key ingredients to put in place Distributed Leadership like: Taking decisions, finding the right talents, who can quickly decide, challenge and influence decisions, know what’s urgent and what is important. Choosing the right people with  high emotional intelligence who embrace diversity has been a key factor for David. He addresses questions like: What is it to be genuinely generous? What is it to not trust people?

#63 What is distributed Leadership with Peter Pluim

About Peter Pluim Peter is the Executive Vice President, Global Head of Enterprise Cloud Services at SAP. Before joining SAP Peter was the Executive Vice President of the Infrastructure & Data Management Services at Atos. Peter is one of those very high paced and highly driven leaders in the space of digital transformation. He has…