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#93 Why You Need to Rethink Leadership with Deepa and Suzie Lewis

On this week’s episode I am honored to share with you a recent interview I had with Suzie Lewis on the Let’s Talk podcast. It was a pleasure to speak with Suzie and speak about why I created MeetMyPotential and the need to rethink leadership. I hope you enjoy this episode and after you listen, go take a look at Suzie’s podcast, Let’s talk. She has some great interviews so that you can stay connected to the changing digital world.

#89 Internal or External Validation – What to Look For Part II with Mark Metry

What kind of internal and external validations are we looking for? What serves us and what holds us back from living from a true, authentic place?

Join Mark Metry and I as we discuss what validation is helpful and what validation is not helpful. We had such a great conversation, I’ve split this episode into two parts. Make sure you’ve listened to Part I from last week first.

#81 3 ways to stop self-sabotaging your business performance with Deepa

Did you know there is only one person getting in the way of you reaching your potential? Yes, only one! And it is you. There are 3 ways you could be self-sabotaging yourself and your potential. Let’s explore them so you can allow your potential to shine and allow your business to perform.

Key Points from this Episode:

You may be spending too much time with your self-doubt. The more you step outside your comfort zone, the bigger the self-sabotaging voices get. Learn how to move past these thoughts to return quickly to your high performance.
Saying no to others is critical for high performers. Learn a quick exercise to give yourself full permission and say yes to you and your projects more!
Do you find yourself getting paralyzed by the opinions and advice from other people? Listen to hear how you can focus on one thing and move forward with clarity.
It is easy to let fears hold you back from pursuing your big goals. Instead of sitting with them, connect with others to gain new perspective on your situation. Don’t wait!

Remember, the more you can quickly recover from these self-sabotaging ways, the more your potential will shine, and your business will perform better.

Please let me know how the tips I shared to work through your self-sabotage worked for you! Are there other ways you are self-sabotaging? Leave a comment!