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#85 My Top 3 Reasons Why We Give Up On Change with Deepa

Have you ever tried to make a change in your life? Maybe a habit, how you disagree, your morning routine, the way you communicate, what your eating looks like or the way you lead? We all want to make changes in our lives. The big question is, how easy was it to make that change? Did you have the impact you wanted?

#83 What if Perfectionism was Dead with Deepa

What if perfectionism was dead? What would that give you? What would be present for you? What would society and organisations look like if perfectionism didn’t exist?

In recent months, we have had to change so much and pivot in ways we may not have known were options. Have we let go of our perfectionist ways? I don’t know for sure, but let’s take a moment to ask ourselves what our perfectionism may be holding us back from. Ask yourself – What else is needed from me at this time and am I too caught up in getting it perfect?