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#92 The Inadequacies of the Rational Mind with Joel Monk

Are you always on the move? Running to the next meeting or get the next project done? Do you find yourself relying on your logical, problem-solving mind? So many of us do! And to be honest, the world and society has rewarded this behavior for too long.

Today I’m joined by Joel Monk, co-Founder of Coaches Rising, to discuss the inadequacies of our rational minds. Take this time for yourself, maybe go out for a walk or find a place to sit and take in Joel’s words of wisdom. It is so important to not only take time for ourselves, but also listen to our bodies and make sure we connect so we can use the intelligences of our emotions and bodies. Let this podcast be a gift to you today.

#89 Internal or External Validation – What to Look For Part II with Mark Metry

What kind of internal and external validations are we looking for? What serves us and what holds us back from living from a true, authentic place?

Join Mark Metry and I as we discuss what validation is helpful and what validation is not helpful. We had such a great conversation, I’ve split this episode into two parts. Make sure you’ve listened to Part I from last week first.

#83 What if Perfectionism was Dead with Deepa

What if perfectionism was dead? What would that give you? What would be present for you? What would society and organisations look like if perfectionism didn’t exist?

In recent months, we have had to change so much and pivot in ways we may not have known were options. Have we let go of our perfectionist ways? I don’t know for sure, but let’s take a moment to ask ourselves what our perfectionism may be holding us back from. Ask yourself – What else is needed from me at this time and am I too caught up in getting it perfect?

#12 Immunity to Change with Lisa Lahey

What is Immunity to Change? Why are people stuck? How do teams know that have an immunity? What do organisations need to do to make successful change?  Listen to Lisa Lahey expert on Change from Harvard.