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Women, Ignite your Leadership program


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This program is based on the Leadership circle and dedicated to Women! My journey was rich and intense both intellectual and emotionally. I learnt a lot about myself, the way I act as a leader and especially on how I can act as a powerful woman in our crazy world. It empowered me to build my own project and commit to it. This program reinforced my self-confidence to network and learn at each step of the journey. I'm sincerely grateful for these 3 enriching days and feel fully energized to move forward. A fantastic team of experienced coaches !
Chloé COCHAIS, Director of Products, Geosys

Woman Ignite your Potential » was a gift I gave myself. It allowed me to step back and better understand my reactions. Recognizing my patterns helped me identify my challenges and decide on the changes I wanted to make in order to be more peaceful. This workshop was also about giving myself time to think about my purpose, my values and anchor my energy to stand for what I believe in. »
Chloé COCHAIS, Director of Products, Geosys

"Attending the Women Ignite your leadership retreat was a real pivotal point for me. This is like no other Women's programme. The coaches know how to hold up the mirror WITH you so you see not only yourself , your fears and doubts, but also those of the other women in the programme, creating that sisterhood moment that you know will help carry you. The programme helped me clarify my purpose. The the unmatched empathy of the coaches, the deep pre-course work and coaching helped me unearth and dare I say finally meet my potential.”

Susan Breton

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