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WOMEN, Ignite your Leadership

This program is a journey especially for women leaders who feel they want to make a step in their career by learning to stand in the spotlight with

Passion, Power and Confidence


We feel that most women are challenged with:

  • Finding enough time for themselves;
  • Using strategic thinking;
  • Facing challenges in self-acceptance and self-authority;
  • Taking part in decision-making processes where it counts;
  • Developing a powerful network for support;
  • Daring to step into the spotlight.

If one of the above statements is a challenge then please continue reading!

A transformation is really possible!

Every female leader can learn how to use her skills to become a powerful and successful leader while creating room and tranquillity for the things that she thinks are important.

Are you interested in what this could mean for you?

In this program we focus our attention to ignite your full potential so that you grow your leadership. What you will get from this program:


What you will get from this program:

  • Develop strategic positioning
  • Create your uniqune leadership style
  • Learn to analyse own behaviour and devise tactics to create your leadership strategy
  • Ignite your full potential as a woman leader
  • Learn to take space in critical or decision-making situations
  • Develop courage to be in the spotlight
  • Receive feedback to help you grow as a leader
  • Get support that allows you to flourish as a woman leader
  • Develop a powerful network of other women leaders that gives you support
  • Receive tips and inspiration from an experienced woman leader. (from industry speakers)
  • Develop situational solutions and actions to your challenges at work.

The Program

The Leadership Circle Profile

The program starts with making your personal leadership profile that includes discovering your reactive tendencies and your leadership competences. After making this state-of-the-art profile (The Leadership Circle), you will receive a personal debrief. The profile and debrief are the basis for the next step in your journey. The debrief lasts 1,5 hrs. This is usually done via zoom calls.

The Leadership Circle
Women in Business
Women in Business


After discovering where your leadership strengths and challenge,  you will attend a 2-½ day workshop with other women leaders. The workshop format encourages peer and experiential learning, which is proven to be the most effective way to learn (David Kolb's Experiential Learning Theory). In order to create a safe space and create strong networks we ensure participants are from different companies.

One-to-One Coaching

As part of the program you will receive 2 one-to-one coaching sessions. One before the workshop and one after the workshop. The mind, like the body, has its own immune system. We use The Immunity to Change (ITC) methodology that is designed to help you reach deeply sought changes by bringing to light the  internal unconscious resistance to change. This is a phase of deep commitment to experimentation to new ways of being and doing. Therefore coaching is a mandatory element of the process.

"Each of our habits and strongly held beliefs fight any change". Dr. Robert Kegan, Harvard

Kegan and Lahey discovered that behind each of our habits is a strongly held belief that not only keeps us in our groove, but also fights any change that threatens the status quo. This resistance is so strong, so adaptive, and so systemic that Kegan and Lahey liked it to a finely tuned immune system.


Nature is a infinite source of energy that magically brings us to our essence. This centre is a treat.

We will be learning in this beautiful resort which will be completely privatised for us.

Here, you will be completely at home with nature. Mindful walks and Meditation are part of our routine.


Jolanda De Ridder
Angela Philp
Suzie Lewis
Deepa Natarajan

Joining collective intelligence on leading women through a process of impactful change. Stand with

Passion, Power and Confidence

Next Program

Program Start Date: 11-March 2020 10am

Program End Date: 13-March 2020, 2pm

Price: 2495€, 1000€ special offer just for the 1st program

Deadline: Registration by 7-Feb 2020.

This incredible price include:

  • Stay for 2 nights
  • All meals
  • Your Leadership Circle Profile (TLC), a well known comprehensive leadership model.
  • A briefing on your profile before the program.
  • A debrief session 3 weeks after the workshop to further the personal learning.
  • Space and time to explore the exquisite holistic retreat centre.