MeetMyPotential podcasts are for those who aspire to meet their highest inner potential.



Welcome to Meet My Potential

I support individuals to ignite their potential. You will learn how to achieve for the sake of Joy and Happiness and not to secure your Ego.

You are here because you are an achiever

I imagine you want to:

  • achieve with JOY
  • live with a wide-open HEART
  • find your inner PEACE

If you ASPIRE to grow your leadership then this podcast is for you. Listen for FREE!

I believe that everyone is a leader of their world. You create your world everyday and I want to help you make your world a better place. So if you are ready to get inspired and get ignited - Subscribe to our podcasts.


About me

Hi, I have been supporting individuals and running organisational change workshops since 2011. I often hear people asking questions like: How do I manage conflicts? How can I live in integrity with my potential? How can I get others to collaborate? How can I make change happen?

While most high achievers I have worked with push themselves very hard to go past some of these challenges. From the working sessions we noticed there is an easier way to succeed without having to push themselves so hard.

Ultimately the search for most high achievers came down to Finding JOY at work, PEACE within oneself and LOVE in relationships.

And you what are you wanting more from life?

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