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About Meet My Potential

Meet My Potential exists to ignite the potential in you

You have incredible potential. You are here because you want to live your fullest life that you are meant to live. You see that things can be so much better in life and at work. You recognize that life has much more potential than what it actually is. You see the GAP. This burning desire to close the gap makes you smart.

Meet My Potential helps you lead a fuller life

You know how, sometimes, smart people suffer with frustration, loneliness, feeling misunderstood and sometimes loose themselves in serving others. I help those who want to achieve more, be it at work or in life, or those who just want to get un-stuck.

You have a desire to life your dreams. This is your birthright. Together we explore, strategize and come up with creative ideas so that in the end you MEET your potential. 

By MEETING your potential, you start to live a more fulfilled, balanced and complete life.

About you

The way I imagine you are ...

  • You are successful in life although you don't really feel it. Now, you want to take the next big leap.
  • You are focused; you like to grow and lead a fast-paced life.
  • You are here because you have questions like : How can I move forward with ease ? How can I make the big shift ? How can I make the change happen?

You want to ...

  • Strike a balance between work and life
  • Reduce the voice of your inner critic
  • Be understood and not feel lonely
  • Create collaborative relationships that include growth and learning
  • Transform conflicts and disagreements into healthy conversations
  • Lead from a calm and centered place
  • Feel freedom and joy at work
  • Find peace in being and doing

I know you are dedicated and committed to your next level of growth both personally and professionally.

Does this sound like you?

About me



I am Deepa. I wish to create resources that support people to develop themselves.

I see many people …. try very hard to achieve

I see many people …. strive to bring out their best

I see many people …. struggle to bring out the best in others

I see many people …. live a life of constraints

I see many people …. find it hard to break through their circumstances

I see many people …. live a life that is less than what they are worthy of.

I know that certain decisions in your life lead you to face consequences that you were not prepared for. I have been through that experience. I know that change of any kind, at work or in your personal life, can be hard to handle. Through extensive training and experience, I have understood the hidden dynamics of change.

I am here to support you to MEET YOUR POTENTIAL. I want you to make life affirming decisions and achieve results.

Things I love:

  • Watch you develop
  • Support people to make change happen
  • Cycling

Other things about me:

  • I carry with me my unstoppable optimism
  • I live in southern France with my French husband eating Mediterranean food most times, with a bit of Indian curry with French baguette



"Deepa knows how to make a team successful. Her support and leadership was a big part of the success of our leadership summit !"

— Damien Lepoutre
VP Land O'Lakes.

"All along Deepa’s coaching sessions, we co-created a safe space to express myself and dig deeper each time.  Thanks to her listening and questioning, I progressively got better at hearing my internal  limiting dialogues. Every session helped me to better identify my obstacles, develop overcoming behaviours  and increase self-awareness.  I liked Deepa’s ability to challenge me with practical assignments adapted to my needs.

The magnitude of Deepa’s coaching went far beyond these sessions"

Airbus Customer Services.

"Coaching with Deepa is not completely easy. It’s about your complete development: your personality, your professional and your personal life that will be questioned and developed.  You will be able to find solutions and build a future. I was lucky to have met Deepa, a real treasure for my both professional and personal life."

Managing Director, SNCF Cargo.

"I met Deepa 4 years ago and worked with her as much as I could since then. She has a wealth of knowledge about leadership and human organizations which she communicates with her soul, putting your mind, heart and gut at peace.
Every leader I know who had the luck to work with Deepa loved it"

VP Sales, Geosys