I used to think
my success is what defines me

with Deepa Natarajan

Does my story sound like yours?

Looking back, I was completely future focused and wired to work hard to obtain success. I had achieved success early on in my career and was always pushing myself further and harder to obtain more.

This changed when I began looking more inward and started getting coached by Sam House, a journey that lasted 2 years and that changed the definition of success for me. By the time it ended, I realized that I am not my results. And my desire to achieve changed to creating an impact for people around me.


Action Biased? Self-sufficient?

Always Switched-on? Impatient?

Coming full circle

Growing up in India, going to school in the morning on the back of my father’s scooter, my only dream was to have a scooter with a cushion. My definition of success changed as my ambitions grew, and success became having a house, kids, wearing nice clothes, having a nice job and car. But even with all this in place, I still found myself in a very difficult situation both personally and professionally.

It was only when doing a project in 2016 that I started to listen to a colleague that had a hard time connecting with me that I decided it was me that needed to change. Following coaching myself, I started to understand deeply what was happening and realized that success is not about the end-goals in life but about understanding and enjoying the journey. In 2017 I travelled back to India, Varanasi and reconnected the dots of my past. I combined the powerful wisdom of the East with my new-found knowledge of the West and came full circle to share with people around me and accompany them on their own journeys.


Coaching with Deepa is not completely easy. It’s about your complete development: your personality, your professional and your personal life that will be questioned and developed. You will be able to find solutions and build a future. I was lucky to have met Deepa, a real treasure for my both professional and personal life.

Paul Sessego - Managing Director, SNCF Cargo.

Deepa unravelled a whole lot of habitual thought patterns and helped me realize my greatest fears were no more significant. She is a living embodiment of female leadership in all its colours and forms. Deepa did help me meet my potential in both my personal and professional life and shift my perspective and feel my power, marking a deep change over a fairly short period of time.

Megan Jones - Head of Communications, AXA life and Health International Solutions

All along Deepa’s coaching sessions, we co-created a safe space to express myself and dig deeper each time. Thanks to her listening and questioning, I progressively got better at hearing my internal limiting dialogues. Every session helped me to better identify my obstacles, develop overcoming behaviours and increase self-awareness. I liked Deepa’s ability to challenge me with practical assignments adapted to my needs.

The magnitude of Deepa’s coaching went far beyond these sessions"


Senior Manager, Airbus Customer Services

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