Deepa Natarajan

Redesign the way you lead

Deepa is a leader in the field of change who knows how to bring a strategic and purposeful leadership approach into everyday practice.

She is the creator of “Rethink Leadership Methodology".

Based on Rethink Leadership Methodology she runs an end to end online coaching program that supports people reach their vision of success by shifting behavioral patterns that are not helpful. Helping people to become the leader they aspire to be with ease of being and peace of mind.


High Expectations. Moving Mountains.
Running out of time. Feeling restless

Coming full circle

Growing up in India, Deepa was a carefree, playful, happy go lucky person with a lightness of being. Sitting on her father’s scooter with her mother, her only dream was to be seated on the cushion on the scooter and not on the petrol tank. Raised on the values of hard work, things shifted quickly, and lifestyles changed rapidly and the lightness of being started to fade with challenges in adulthood.

She knew from a young age how to make changes at every stage. Be it switching careers, moving out of a marriage, moving to a new continent with her 4-year-old child or becoming an entrepreneur in a new country to creating an online business.


Her addiction to work hard, be in action continued despite reaching a successful place. This pain drove her on a quest to understand the crucks of change. Unsatisfied by cognitive models for change she went back to her roots; travelled to Varanasi, India and reconnected the dots of her past to combine the powerful wisdom of the East with her new-found knowledge from the West.


Prior to becoming a coach, she managed international teams, projects, and budgets in various countries in the IT industry. She carries this experience with her to digital transformations to take individuals and teams to their next level of leadership.


Today she is on a mission to bring “Rethink Leadership Methodology” to individuals and businesses so they can unlock their inherent potential.


And then what? Deepa went on to completely demystify how one can achieve success in harmony.

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