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Dear High Performers and Forward-thinking Leaders 

You are successful and you know this is not a sustainable strategy to scale your leadership. 

Rethink Leadership, a 10-week online program for forward-thinking leaders craving success with a better quality of life.

Deepa Natarajan

Proven Methodology

20 key change frameworks


Online program

Results Driven Outcome

Expect radical results

It doesn’t matter what you achieve...

Every success feels empty until you discover what drives you

Being a driven person is a gift but it comes with challenges. Until your natural strengths are identified and embraced, you burn energy too fast as you get stuck in a draining cycle.

Are you tired of...


Feeling unsuccessful despite achieving your most ambitious goals.

Mental roadblocks getting in the way when it’s time to move forward.

Being misunderstood around colleagues, friends and family.

Feeling lonely despite a thriving social life.

Never able to switch-off, even during the weekends.

Feeling exhausted 24/7 even when you make time to relax.

Deepa Natarajan

About Deepa Natarajan

I help high performers to live fully with courage by transforming their professional and personal life.

My journey led me to look inside to discover what makes me fulfilled, which drove me to create a methodology that brings success and fulfilment in harmony. Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.


Step into the spotlight, expand consciously and create sustainable change through time-tested proven frameworks


Understand the dynamics of change

Dig deep into why change is so hard so that you can achieve the changes you need to make without losing time and energy to frustration.


Add accountability to overcome distractions

Build consistency with an accountability partner and support mechanisms to ensure you commit to change no matter what’s happening around you.


Discover your drive to create balance

Discovering what drives you will help you shape your life to make sure your best self shows up every day.


Refine your ecosystem to support you

Discover the situations that trigger you to create a new approach that lets you work in harmony within your ecosystem.


Safely create new effective behaviors

Run experiments to test your assumptions so that you can rework behaviors to aid productivity and wellbeing.


Manage your energy 

Find flow in your current activity to rebalance your energy for the benefit of your professional and personal life.

How is Rethink Leadership program structured?


Module 1
Understand your drive

High performers often feel isolated, stressed, alone, and never successful despite achieving great things! We’ll start with a Highly Driven Personality Assessment to find where your strengths are overplaying to cause adverse effects. We’ll find the “Aha!” moment you’ve been searching for. Now you can understand what drives you and the human dynamics of change.


Module 2
From Intention to Action

Define what you truly desire and what behaviors need to change for you to achieve them. Look at what’s lurking in your subconscious that’s holding you back so that you can create a personal strategy and positive changes to achieve your vision of success.


Module 3
Experimenting with change

Change doesn’t come easily to anyone. So we’ll run an experiment on your first strategy idea so that we can learn what worked and what didn’t. Learn from your reactions to find what went right and what went wrong. Doing this will teach you a great deal about yourself and what gets in the way when it’s time to make changes.


Module 4
Accelerating change

Relationships can affect our progress positively or negatively. To accelerate the change you want to see, we’ll break down your triggers, reactions, actions, and interactions piece-by-piece to get a clear visual picture of what's going on. Now you can structure your ecosystem and manage them for the best outcome for both your personal and professional lives.


Module 5
Finding your balance

“Balance” is missing from most high performer’s vocabulary. Get an understanding of the positive and negative extremes of each strength to create a more balanced environment for yourself that you can sustain for the long term.


This program has really helped make the change I needed. It has increased my understanding for the underlying mechanisms of change, the reasons we limit and the path forward. And finally, I really enjoyed the program very much. Powerful and joyful program!

Corina Villacorta



This workshop has been an enabler and a real support in my intended change in my life. And also being with a group is also helpful for the learning and sharing. Thanks and extremely grateful.

Christopher Sivertsen


This workshop turned the light on my behaviours and strategies that prevented me. I got tools at the right tempo and felt the profound change happening. Deepa guided with deep compassion, honesty and wisdom and created a very trusting and safe environment to explore.

Fritte Colliander


I was surprised by the diversity of the participants and the mutual respect. Very impressed by the laser accuracy Deepa brought, no matter which field we hit. For me the session is a win-win as I was proud to bring my contribution through my sincere experience, exposure and vulnerability.

Françoise Bellon


But is Rethink Leadership the best investment for me, Deepa?”

That’s an excellent question! As you’d expect, Rethink Leadership is a significant investment. So it’s important to be honest with yourself about whether it’s for you:

This is the program for you if:


You are personally committed to become a leader of your professional and personal life.

You are ready to be challenged in the way you function and want to play a bigger game.

You want balance in being successful, being effecient and living a joyful life.

This is NOT the program for you if:


You do not want to change your current patterns and you want to play it safe.

You believe that you cannot make changes given your current situation and no one can help you.

You want a light traditional coaching process and want to do things on to do things on your own.

This is framework for achieving success in harmony. That means success comes MUCH faster… and with MUCH less work in 10-weeks. 

Personality assessment

Understand what drives your behaviors to master them

25 concept videos

Learn key insights and concepts with guided examples to make sustainable change

8 weekly coaching calls

Get your pressing questions answered and you’ll learn plenty of insights from others’ questions, too! 

1 Growth journal

Take a moment to analyse and act consciously by focusing on the structure

2x one-to-one coaching calls

Deep coaching sessions focused on your radical transformation

1 accountability partner

Keep on the change track to overcome distractions with support

Frequently Asked Questions

You have waited long enough.
It is time to lead with ease of being

Right now, you have a choice to make.

You can keep doing it on your own and watch others enjoy success and a lifestyle that you aspire and wonder

"How can I get there on my your own terms?"

Or you can decide to take advantage of this opportunity to claim to be the leader you aspire to be for yourself.

Deep inside, you already know that if you allow me to support you can get there faster.

Don’t put off the success, tranquility, recognition and the dynamic full life any longer.

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Expand consciously to achieve your vision of success

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