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Are you ready to Unlock Your Potential?

You hold an inherent potential that is waiting to be unlocked. This is a methodology that takes into account your whole being. Every challenge requires us to transform the way we think, act and lead. Your next level growth is determined by your leadership capacity. Let’s Raise the bar !

Claim your next level, expand your leadership

Understand the dynamics of change

Dig deep into why change is so hard so that you can achieve the changes you need to make without losing time and energy to frustration.

Discover your drive to harness your potential

Discovering what drives you will help you shape your professional and personal life to make sure your potential shows up every day.

Courageously build new effective patterns

Gain courage to experiment new ways of leading so that you can rework behaviors to be more strategic and purposeful.

Add accountability and overcome distractions

Build consistency with an accountability partner and support mechanisms to ensure you commit to change no matter what’s happening around you.

Refine your ecosystem to support you

Discover the situations that trigger you to create a new approach that lets you work in harmony within your ecosystem.

Manage dilemnas

Learn to find flow in your current activity whilst engaging with different perspectives so you can build harmony in your way of functioning.

Lets talk about your Needs.

Create sustainable change with a proven methodology.

How does the Rethink Leadership Methodology enable effective change?

Module 0

Basecamp, Let's redesign

  • Leading from a coherent self
  • Understanding your reactive & creative self
  • Define your next level

Module 1

Understand your drive

  • Understand what drives you.
  • Learn the dynamics of change
  • Define the path to unlock your potential

Module 2

From Intention to Action

  • Gain insights into your unproductive patterns 
  • Identify behaviors you need to change
  • Create your wholistic change plan

Module 3

Experimenting with change

  • Step into new ways of leading courageously.
  • Becoming deliberately developmental.
  • Create new habits.

Module 4

Accelerating change

  • Shift situations that trigger you.
  • Redefine your equations in your ecosystem.
  • Lead by creating collaborative ecosystems.

Module 5

Finding your balance

  • Engage with contradictions easily.
  • Redesign your leadership approach for balance.
  • Define strategies for sustaining the changes.

Frequently asked questions

Modules 1 & 2 are visible from the start. After this, content is released weekly to ensure you have the time to work through these lessons to ensure you absorb all the information to set yourself up for success. Modules are made up of training videos and exercises for you to fill.

This isn’t a typical course where you sit through tutorial after tutorial. Rethink Leadership is about shifting the way you think and act in your world. Meaning this program requires time to experiment, note observations, and reflect on your learnings by doing. This is how you create everlasting change.

The action you’ll be taking as part of the program is working ON you. Learning key concepts via videos requires around 30 minutes per week for the first three weeks, then 30 minutes every 2 weeks. There will also be 1 group coaching call every week for 1,5 hours.

The question is what do you truly desire? There are 24 hours in a day; that’s all we get. Time is a precious commodity and you need to spend it wisely. I have learned that if I don’t F.O.C.U.S on what I truly desire, it will never come to me. So, if you really want something, I believe you will find the time. Because if you don’t, you will find the excuse. So, check with yourself what is it that you really want?

The 1-2-1 coaching sessions take place over zoom.

The first 1-2-1 coaching call is 2 hours, done 1 week prior to the start of the program. All other coaching calls are 50 minutes, high impact sessions.

There will be 8 group coaching sessions held once a week. Each call is 1,5 hours.

For teams keen on making a significant change in the way they collaborate and lead, this journey brings sustainable transformation.

Based on an analysis we customize the team journey to add necessary modules.

Please get to touch to learn what this might look like.

For organizations keen on developing their leaders to shift the way they lead:  This journey brings sustainable behavioral change.

Please get to touch to learn what this might look like if you are keen on changing the culture.

Clients who did the Rethink Leadership Program

Ainhoa Pulido Cuadrado

Deepa’s program is fabulous!! Her program and herself have driven me to my goals in a soft and direct way. Join and see the results!! My recommendation is to trust the process that this program has, in the end you will see the magic!

Ainhoa Pulido Cuadrado,
API Manager in Lufthansa
Christopher Sivertsen

This workshop has been an enabler and real support in my intended change in my life. And also being with a group is also helpful for learning and sharing. Thanks and extremely grateful.

Christopher Sivertsen,
Director of Young Company
Françoise Bellon

Very impressed by the laser accuracy Deepa brought, no matter which field we hit. For me the session is a win-win as I was proud to bring my contribution through my sincere experience, exposure and vulnerability.

Francoise Bellon,
Head of Switzerland PBS, Capgemini
Géraldine Hirschy
The program allowed me to reflect on some behaviors that resulted from deep beliefs, that were questionable. I gained confidence to take on new challenges. I was surprised on how change is easy to set up when the efforts and action plan are well defined and organized.
Geraldine Hirschy,
Project Manager, Ag Robotics
It was one of the best things I have done for my personal growth. The program is structured to give you feedback you need to understand yourself and others. It was impeccably organised and all I can do is recommend this program to others who are truly willing to grow!
Giedre Plentaite,
Head of Legal, Swiss Life Asset Managers

This program has helped me dig deep to understand my patterns, their origin so I can shift them in order to get to my big goal. The process of experimentation has taught me the importance of small steps. 

TC Gill,

Transformation Lead, IT Labs

How to start your journey ?

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Please note we always customize. Every individual/team/organization has different needs.

10-Week Bootcamp

1 Personality assessment

The highly driven profile assessment to understand behavioural drivers.

26+ concept videos

Learn key insights and concepts with guided examples to make sustainable change.

1 Growth journal

Take a moment to analyse and act consciously by focusing on a structure for change.

8 Live Group Coaching Sessions

Deepen your learning by getting your questions answered and be part of a tribe with like minded people.

1 Accountability Partner

Overcome distractions with support through community Motivation,

homework reviewed before session and discussion board

3 Ways to Engage

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10-week Bootcamp

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10-week Bootcamp

+ 4 (45-minute) Coaching Sessions

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10-week Bootcamp

+ 7 (45-minute) Coaching Sessions

** For corporate leaders and in-house customised packages please enquire.

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