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Deepa Natarajan
I consider myself a transformational speaker, not an educational speaker. If you’re looking for something different this year, especially a speaker to present to ‘C Suite’ Executives, Senior Leaders, please contact me to discuss how I can best serve your organisation and your target audience.

Topic I can talk about

When you book Deepa she creates an inspirational custom program for you and your goals based on the right mix of the following topics.

Understand change dynamics

Psychological Safety and Growth

Ingredients of Transformation

Isolation to connection

Balance Execution & Fulfillment

Communication Detox

Self-doubt to Action

Make quick decisions

Lead the Room

Feedback from the audiance

Don Hutcheson
Deepa is a leader in the field of personal and professional change. She has a wealth of knowledge about leadership and brings humanity to the center of the workplace in organizations. She communicates with her soul, putting your mind, heart and gut at peace.
Don Hutcheson,
President, Discover Your Talent
Congratulations Deepa for your successful conference for the employees of #BNPParibas. Your inspiring story and your professionalism naturally won over all the attendees. You gave simple but precious advice to encourage us to dare.
Nadege Chiappe,

Account Manager, BNP Paribas

Paul Sessego
Why change is so hard ?” is a fantastic conference to understand why transformation is so difficult for enterprises. Human connection between people is the key aspect and Deepa is a really good expert on these aspects.

Paul Sessego,

Managing Director, SNCF Cargo

Book Deepa for your event

My entire philosophy is to bring value to your audience, share insights they can apply immediately and be a delight to work with.

This is how Deepa can help

Your Leadership

Your Team Leadership

Your Organization