Rethink Leadership Bootcamp

10-Weeks to Unlock your potential success

Proven Methodology 

20 key change frameworks

Systemised Program

26 transformative videos

Weekly Coaching Calls

8-Live Coaching Calls

Radical Results 

2-3 hours work per week

Feeling frustrated with untapped potential and reactive patterns in the ecosystem ?

Stop looking for one-shot solutions that are not scaleable or sustainable.


Free your mind from unwanted stress and become a proactive leader. 


Learn tactics to bring efficiency in your ecosystem.


Learn to analyse your own behaviour and challenge your habitual patterns


Get rid of frustrations by shifting your relationships.


Define your self-strategy and your leadership positioning.


Reach your next level by working with systemic dilimmas and engage with diverging voices.

Scale performance and grow impact with industry-tested frameworks

As a founder of MeetMyPotential I am constantly amazed by the grit and determination of my clients, and it breaks my heart to see so many ambitious people work beyond measure when all you need is a couregeous, strategic and purposeful approach.

That's why I've been hired by some of the top leaders to help them balance business execution and people fulfilment, consistently.

with Deepa Natarajan


  • Leading from a coherent self.
  • Understanding the reactive & creative self.
  • Rapid decision making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I started Deepa's program, I knew I needed to change something, I needed to have a sense of achievement. I was a little bit lost, it was a time when I needed to figure out what I needed to achieve before dying. When I started working with Deepa, we started working on beliefs and assumptions. It was quite intense work - examining myself, getting feedback from my peers.  I appreciate Deepa so much for the sensitivity she brings to this work. If you are looking for something that brings you more for your life and for your career, I strongly recommend Deepa's Rethink Leadership Program.

Alex Nkengne - Digital Innovation Lab Director, Clarins


Deepa's program is fabulous!! She have created a journey that is magical. My purpose for joining was to focus on me to create my own space and bring my touch to the world. Her program and herself have driven me there in a soft and direct way, beautiful balanced. Join and see the results!! My recommendation is to trust the process that this program has, at the end you will see the magic!

Ainhoa Pulido Cuadrado - Manager, Lufthansa


Coaching sessions with Deepa have been truly life changing! What has started as an exploration of my leadership potential has led to the increased levels of happiness, peace and joy in every area of my life. For the first time ever I have experienced what Rumi described so beautifully: “When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without pain. From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it.” Forever grateful for this coaching experience.

Giedre Plentaite - Head of Legal, Swiss Life Asset Managers

But is Rethink Leadership the best investment ?

This program for people who are:


Personally committed to become a leader of their professional and personal life.


Open to be challenged in the way they function and want to play a bigger game.


Want balance in being successful, being efficient and relating with joy.

This program is NOT people who are:


Unwilling to change current patterns and you want to play it safe.


Believe that change is impossible in the current situation and others need to change first.


Want a light traditional coaching process and only learn cognitively.

How to apply


Book an 
appointment to speak about your needs


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Pay and Get ready to Ignite Potential and Grow rapidly

Ready to Rethink Leadership, Take Action and
Lead from potential

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Please note we always always customise, every individual / organisation has different needs

10-Week Bootcamp

1 Personality assessment

The highly driven profile assessment to understand behavioural drivers.

26+ concept videos

Learn key insights and concepts with guided examples to make sustainable change.

1 Growth journal

Take a moment to analyse and act consciously by focusing on a structure for change.

8 Live Group Coaching Sessions

Deepen your learning by getting your questions answered and be part of a tribe with like minded people. 

1 Accountability Partner

Overcome distractions with support through community Motivation,
homework reviewed before session and discussion board

Your Investment

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10-Week Bootcamp


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10-Week Bootcamp

+ 4 (45-minute) Coaching Sessions

Deep Dive


10-Week Bootcamp

+ 7 (45-minute) Coaching Sessions

** For corporate leaders and in-house customised packages please enquire. 

I am thrilled you've decided to the first step, and
I can't wait to meet you on our call !

Deepa Natarajan