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#99 Cracking the Curiosity Code with Dr. Diane Hamilton

Did you know the peak of our curiosity is at the age of 5? After that, there is a quick decline in how curious we continue to be. This is part of my conversation today with Dr. Diane Hamilton, author of Cracking the Curiosity Code and Behavioral Expert. Diane walks us through the four inhibitors and shares examples of how they show up in our lives.

Curiosity is needed now more than ever in our world. I hope you enjoy this show and I hope it encourages you to ask more questions.

#97 The Ingredients of a Successful Transformation with Reshma Ramachandran

What is needed to make a transformation in your organization? What’s the difference between working with individuals and groups when trying to make a successful change? What is easy to forget when working with organizations and change?

Join Reshma Ramachandran and I as we discuss transformation – what is hard about it, how it changes from individual to a group and what are the key ingredients to make it successful.

#95 Embrace Ambiguity with Dave Snowden

We live in a complex world and as humans, our brains often try to find ways to break complex things down into simple, manageable tasks. But what if instead we embraced the complexity and the chaos around us? What would happen if we let go of needing to know every answer to every question?

Today I’m speaking with Dave Snowden, Founder of Cognitive Edge. Dave has been a pioneer of complexity and encourages us to let go of some of the ideas we may think are serving us and our brains. Get ready to be challenged!

#87 How to Overcome Fatigue and Achieve with Ease with Deepa

High Achievers set a goal, they go all in and give 100%. They don’t stop until it is achieved. Then, they move on to the next goal in a heartbeat. Do they achieve high amounts of success? Of course, yes. There is no doubt of that. But what is the cost?

Join me as I give 3 simple ways to break out of this pattern of constantly moving and focusing on the future!

#11 Systemic Approach by Alain Cardon

What is Systemic Approach? How can one make systemic change happen through pattern recognition? Alain Cardon talks about his approach in meetmypotential podcast.