#82 How You Can Continually Learn Without Costing Your Business Time and Energy with Wendy Tansey

Wendy Tansey

Do you feel like there is so much to learn with technology while also learning about all of your employees too? Where do you begin if you want to learn about relationships and how best to interact with other human beings?

Wendy Tansey joins me to discuss how to best answer these questions and how you can save your business time and energy through continual learning.  

Key Points from this Episode:

  • In order to adapt to changes well, you must continuously learn especially about your coworkers and employees. If you stop learning, you will get left behind.
  • Every person is unique, so be curious about each person. Take the time to communicate and understand how best they work. For example, do they prefer a phone call or a text?
  • As a leader, be willing to set the right expectations for your employees. This may be different for different employees!
  • It is critical for Leaders and Managers to put time into learning about their employees, otherwise it will cost you and your business.
  • There are a number of resources for you to learn, don’t limit yourself! (Hint: You could subscribe to a podcast)
  • Learn Wendy’s top 3 areas to pay attention to in order to be successful in your workplace and leading others.
  • Don’t get stagnant in your leadership! Hear easy ways to start your learning journey.
  • Instead of staying in your own perspective, get curious and listen to others’ perspectives. This will help you upscale your leadership and your business.

About Wendy Tansey

Wendy Tansey is an expert at Microlearning, giving leaders the ability to lead with Confidence. She simplifies the complexities of managing people. She has over 20 years’ experience with working with leaders. Visit her website to learn more – https://wendytansey.com/

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