#84 Get Comfortable with Curiosity with Simon Brown and Garrick Jones

Simon Brown and Garrick Jones

Curiosity may seem like a very basic skill. You might be thinking, “I know how to be curious, why would I need to listen to this episode?”. Well, take a listen and get ready to dive further into this skill of curiosity than you ever have before. Are you ready to hear about the ‘7 C’s of Curiosity’ model? Are you ready to take a look at yourself and your team to actually see how curious you are being? Are you ready to get uncomfortable and take your curiosity to a new level? 

Simon Brown and Garrick Jones join me to discuss how critical curiosity is to you, your own leadership, your team and your business. 

Key Points from this Episode:

  • Hear from the authors of “The Curious Advantage” about their process and research
  • Why curiosity is at the heart of how we navigate and make sense of the digital world
  • Why faster is not always better
  • How to reveal our unconscious biases and get uncomfortable by staying in the question
  • How important it is to create a culture of curiosity and experimentation within your organisation, otherwise innovation will die
  • The 7 C’s of Curiosity model – Context, Community, Curation, Creativity, Construction, Criticality, and Confidence
  • What gets in the way of you being curious
  • Curiosity has its place everywhere, even in safety or security situations

About Simon Brown and Garrick Jones

Simon is Chief Learning Officer at Novartis, a focused medicines company, and one of the leading companies in the world. He is a commercially-minded learning leader with experience across a range of the World’s top organisations. 

Garrick is an entrepreneur, academic and musician based in London. Co-Founder and Partner of The Ludic Group (founded in 2004), a pioneering consultancy, transforming the way people live, work and learn across time and distance. He is a renowned expert in Digital Transformation, Digital Learning and Engagement.

Please visit their website for their book, which they co-authored with Paul Ashcroft, and podcast – https://curiousadvantage.com/ 

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