#71 Reputation Branding: How Do You Want To Be Perceived with Mary Henderson

Mary Henderson

What insights will you get from this episode ?

If you are an executive and wondering how to setup your brand image in the industry, do not miss this episode.

  • Decide how you want to be perceived and remembered.
  • In a world of competition where business cards and job titles are not sufficient currencies, building a reputation brand is becoming critical for most executives.
  • Learn what is reputation branding? How can you create this currency for yourself both internally in your organization and outside?
  • How can your reputation brand be aligned with that of your company?

Mary Henderson shares valuable content here. Don’t miss this episode!

About Mary Henderson

Mary Henderson Coaches, Consultants & Corporate Professionals commercialise their PersonalBrand to stand out, become an authority in their niche or industry and build a sustainable & profitable digital business.


Apply for a free consultation with her: https://www.maryhendersoncoaching.com/apply

Her website: www.maryhendersoncoaching.com


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