#100 Embarking on the Path of Spiritual Leadership with Sam House

Sam House

100 Episodes of MeetMyPotential podcast!! Wow!!! Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me and for taking the time to listen to each show. I truly wish that you are inspired after listening and get ideas on how you can unlock more of your potential. 

Thank you to all of the amazing and fascinating guests we have had on the show from Episode #1. I’ve been so honored to speak with so many different leaders across many industries. It has enriched and inspired my life, thank you again to our guests. 

I’m very happy today to say that one of our very first guests on the podcast is back. Sam House is an Executive Coach, a Leadership consultant, a Senior Faculty Member of the Co-Active Training Institute and my personal coach. What a treat to have him join again to celebrate this occasion.

In this episode, Sam and I discuss what is spiritual leadership and why should we be interested in starting a journey. Don’t confuse spiritual with religion here; we speak of spiritual in a very broad sense of being connected to everything in the world. It is a big conversation, both conceptually and literally, so get ready! And stay open to what might show up for you. 

Key Points to this Episode:

  • Spiritual Leadership is Leadership with a broad lens. It asks, what is the thing that needs to be done in our organization that is aligned with something bigger in the world? It’s a holistic approach. 
  • There is room for holding onto a goal and moving toward it as well as being open and flexible to what actually shows up in our lives.
  • Control is an illusion.
  • You need to observe yourself, without judgment. 
  • Appreciate yourself and others, especially those who you disagree with. Appreciation does not mean “to like”.
  • As humans, we will become attached to an idea or an opinion but you need to realize when you become attached and know how to recover from attachment.
  • Highly Driven individuals always have a goal in mind and the drive to move forward to achieve them, but if something happens to derail their progress to that goal they can get lost or frustrated. We need to get to a place of balancing the drive forward with flexibility and moving with flow.
  • We are in constant relationship with everything in our world. Sometimes we make up that we are alone and that we are in isolation. 
  • Three practices that will allow us to be more receptive to messages from the universe are: meditation, be in connection to nature, or any kind of physical movement. Stay open to receive anything or nothing. Make sure you start by making a decision that these practices will be valuable to you no matter the result. This leads to an expanded relationship with everything in our world.
  • Don’t look for evidence, look for the experience.
  • Spiritual leadership is a path to see wholeness instead of separateness. We have a need to work this path instead of sitting back and doing nothing. 
  • Shift from evidence gathering as the only way to see we are making progress as the only way to a decision process where we decide we are on the path and are ready to yield and be open to what comes to us. 

About Sam

Sam House is an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant. He is the Founder of Soulutions Leadership and Coaching. Sam is a Senior Faculty Member and Course Designer with the Co-Active Training Institute. Formerly a psychotherapist and social worker, Sam has extensive experience in multiple settings, specializing in individual, family and couples therapy.

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