#80 Unconscious biases around women of color with Advita Patel

Advita Patel

Have you asked yourself why despite great HR Diversity and Inclusion practices, workplaces look alike and senior management positions are not very diverse. Or have you ever wondered – How unconscious biases are dampening the spirit of diversity?

Insights you will get from the episode:

  • What are unconscious biases?
  • What are some typical unconscious biases around women of color?
  • What challenges exist as a result of unconscious biases around women of color and how can one overcome them?
  • 1 Key advice for women of color, what can they do in situations of discrimination?
  • What can people around do to build more inclusive cultures? How can you be a lever for change?

About Advita Patel

Advita Patel is the co-founder of A Leader Like Me, a global platform that helps women of colour progress further into leadership roles. She is a specialist in internal communications, and Chartered PR practitioner. In 2018 the Northern Power Women movement named her as one of their future leaders.

Website: https://www.commsrebel.com

A community to help women of colour: https://aleaderlikeme.com

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