#49 What does meeting my potential look like ? with Deepa

Deepa Natarajan

What is MeetMyPotential? What does it mean to meet your potential? What does your life look like when you have met your potential? What comes in the way of us living our full potential. In this episode Deepa shares her perceptions on this topic in just 10 min.

Key Insights from this episode

  • I believe there is a huge potential that lives inside us.
  • We form assumptions and believes through life events, childhood experiences, and events. We get domesticated, conditioned by society and told how we need to be. Through these experiences we form our inner self talk which could be negative or positive affirmations. We unknowingly move away from our essence.
  • Meeting potential for me is about being clear about your PASSION and PURPOSE and living from that.
  • Its about making life choices and decisions based on your essence and
  • Not based on pleasing others
  • Not based on insecurity of failing
  • Not based on a feeling of inadequacy
  • Not based on a rebellious need to appear strong and in control
  • Meeting your potential is about making choices based on your values, based on the true expression of your creativity.
  • Meeting your potential is about following your passion and doing  things you love or moving towards it.
  • It about not living a life of circumstances – rather a life filled with CHOICE.
  • Your potential is not a destination to reach / attain. Its there within you. Its a inward journey.
  • Its about you seeing your brilliance. Meeting your potential. Living your full life. 


Potential exists in every human soul like the seed in the soil by meeting it the potential becomes actual.

If you were living with Passion and Purpose what does your life look like? What are you doing differently than today? What would a full life look like? What would having ease of being look like to you?

Write to me, I would like to hear about you.

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