#105 How to Persevere Through Crisis with Magali Euverte

Magali Euverte

Many organizations are finding themselves in crisis right now. The pandemic has turned businesses upside down. So how do you persevere through crisis and come out stronger on the other side?

Today, Deepa is joined with Magali Euverte who is the Director of the Normandy lines contract with SNCF. Magali shares her experience of pushing through crisis, when it lasts for more than a year. Listen to this episode to hear real life experience of how you can inspire and invest in your team to build collective responsibility and achieve success.

Key Points from this Episode:

  • Invest time and training in your frontline managers. Get them on board and encourage them to bring their teams.
  • Find your purpose and why you will continue on this journey. If you don’t know your why, you won’t have much luck in continuing when the journey gets difficult.
  • Understand what is in it for your fellow employees. Both in the sense of empathy as well as anticipating any possible roadblocks that may come along down the way.
  • Celebrate every step along the way, otherwise the team will lose their motivation.
  • Transparency includes engaging your employees in solutions, allowing them to contribute their feedback to build the solution.
  • It pays to spend more time on the short term goals, rather than the long term goal.
  • Communication builds team spirit. Team Spirit is what keeps the project going, even for over a year.
  • It is important to be able to zoom in to the short term and zoom out to the long term, even with the crisis right in front of you there is a need to put processes in place that will help in the long term.
  • Remember to reward every part of the project, especially in support of the long term goals.
  • Resiliency is needed during a long crisis.
  • Be honest about the crisis now and hold the future goal – yes the process will be hard and we can see what the future will be so we are going to keep going.

We hope you liked this episode! Let us know in the comments what was the most inspiring part of Magali’s journey.

About Magali

Magali Euverte is the Director of the Normandy lines contract – monitoring and implementation of the operating agreement signed by SNCF and the Normandy region. She has operational management experience at the service of clients and teams. Magali implements several change management systems and supports managers for successful customer relationships.

Thanks for listening and stay cool! 😎

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