#104 The Intersection of Spirituality & Leadership with Gaurav Arora

Gaurav Arora

What is spirituality? Does that question make you nervous? Spirituality is not a part of the rational mind. This is why it is so hard for us to get into a practice of including spirituality into our lives because it is not in our comfort zone. The world favors the rational mind and we are conditioned to leave behind what is innately in us. 

Join Deepa and her guest, Gaurav Arora, as they explore the intersection of spirituality and leadership. How could including a practice of spirituality improve your leadership? What does it mean to ‘come home’? Are you living a life of intention? Listen to get simple tips on how you can start on this journey today.

Key Points from this Episode:

  • From Gaurav’s perspective, spirituality is a process of coming back home. Where you unlearn what you’ve learned from social conditioning. Spirituality is being your true authentic self without any need of appreciation or acknowledgement from the world. It is a lifelong journey.
  • Just by starting to ask questions about how you begin this journey, you have started this important work. 
  • Ask yourself “Who am I?” continuously over time, keep checking in with yourself and discovering who you are.
  • Find your source of joy. 
  • When you are fully in what gives you joy,, you are not fulfilling a need. A need to show how smart you are or a need for approval from others. 
  • Define your version of success, and make sure it is truly from you instead from others or the world.
  • Intentions are extremely important. They can guide you on this journey. To find your intentions, ask yourself “What do I stand for?”. Your intentions should be the foundation of your leadership.
  • Take a moment before your day starts or before a meeting to question, “What is my intention for this day or meeting?”.
  • Gaurav says Leadership is a process of a leader leading a team to a common goal. It is a performance art. “Who you are is how you lead.”
  • “Who you are is how you lead.” If you don’t know who you are, you won’t be able to lead.

We hope you liked this episode! Let us know in the comments how you define spirituality and how it is included in your leadership journey. If you’d like to dive deeper into how you can achieve more in harmony, come take Deepa’s masterclass on why you need to rethink leadership here.

About Gaurav

Gaurav Arora is the Country Head of Erickson Coaching International – India as well as the Director of Certifications at The Leadership Circle. He is a Master Certified Coach, designated by the International Coach Federation. Gaurav co-founded Inspire Coaching Systems, a professional training and coaching company in 2009, with the mission to inspire himself and others to live up to our own expectations.

Check out Gaurav’s podcast, The Xmonks Drive. You can get in touch with Gaurav and .

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