#111 Key Rituals of a Successful Team with Nils Michael

Nils Michael

We learn from some of the most successful people. Nils Michael’s leadership has brought him extraordinary results and he created that with people. He was the Head of A400M Retrofit at Airbus Defense and Space and he now heads Center of Competence for Programme/Project Management (PM).

Listen to this episode to hear what key factors have contributed to Nils’ success with teams and projects.

Key Points from this Episode:

  • Start journaling. You’ll be surprised by how much clearer you will be when writing ideas down. Journaling also forces you to reflect on what is happening and how best to move forward.
  • Foster a sense of belonging for your team. Bring the organization’s purpose to the individual level.
  • Team building is necessary for every team. And it keeps motivation up on the project throughout. An example of this could be to come together as a team to support a charity that everyone can connect to.
  • Remember to celebrate hard – you work hard, make sure you take adequate time to celebrate those successes and failures as a team.
  • You always need to be yourself and be able to look into the mirror with pride. If you start acting not within your values, then that creates a problem.
  • Don’t fall into the mode of compliance and control. Believe in yourself and your team.
  • Remember that change does not happen overnight. That doesn’t mean that we need to give up.
  • Being a good project manager is being a good leader.
  • Change should be considered positive, look forward to it.

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About Nils

Nils Michael is the Vice President Head Of Programme Management at Airbus Defense and Space. Prior to that he was the VP of A400M Retrofit & MRO Programmes. He has a history of working in the European aviation and aerospace industry. He was part of the German Air Force for 10 years. 

Thanks for listening and stay cool!

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