#117 The Power of Diversity with Bjorn Ekelund

Have you ever been in a meeting thinking, “I have the best idea – no one else’s even comes close to mine”?

Then this episode is for you! Today Deepa speaks with Bjorn Ekelund about diversity and the need for all perspectives to be shared by everyone on the team and organization. We tend to believe our own thoughts and processes are the right way, but it is so important to hear from everyone and get curious about ideas and structures. 

Bjorn’s Tips for Diversity Ice-Breaking:

  • It’s difficult to discuss cultural differences because it is so much a part of our identity. 
  • Culture is not only a personal matter; it is important to business.
  • We have been given a certain structure for how to succeed at life through our upbringing and culture. Every person is unique.
  • Diversity Icebreaker is about getting a group together to recognize differences and our own processes. 
  • Many times what happens is the participants realize it is very easy to have an individual think their way is better than another person’s way. The process brings awareness and consciousness to each person so that going forward they will acknowledge another person’s idea differently.
  • We need all perspectives, this is a level set for the icebreaker. It creates understanding and respect for the team. It creates psychological safety.
  • Go find someone that you disagree with and talk through the topic with openness and curiosity. 
  • Managers and Team Leaders who expect the unexpected will make the best leaders. Listening is a powerful tool.

We hope you liked this episode! Take the challenge this week and go find someone to disagree with. The point of this conversation is to get curious about their different viewpoints rather than arguing who is right and who is wrong. Be open to learning something new!

Please feel free to connect with Bjorn and Deepa through LinkedIn to continue the conversation.

About Bjorn 

Bjorn Ekelund is a psychologist with over 25 years experience. He is most known for creating the Diversity Icebreaker – a concept that combines assessment of cognitive styles with an experiential learning seminar. Besides running his own companies, he has been lecturing at management schools in organizational psychology and international management. Learn more about Diversity Icebreaker here – https://diversityicebreaker.com/

Thanks for listening and stay cool! 

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