#63 What is distributed Leadership with Peter Pluim

Peter Pluim

About Peter Pluim

Peter is the Executive Vice President, Global Head of Enterprise Cloud Services at SAP. Before joining SAP Peter was the Executive Vice President of the Infrastructure & Data Management Services at Atos. Peter is one of those very high paced and highly driven leaders in the space of digital transformation. He has over 20+ years of experience across a multitude of functions and he has lived and worked across several countries. He has a proven track record to transform, build and drive complex high value multi Billion Euro organisations.

What insights you will get from this episode?

What are the limits of implementing Distributed Leadership (DL)? Why trusting the strategic vision is key in Distributed Leadership? Peter shares one simple and effective TIP to reduce politics. He talks in depth on the difference between delegation and distributed leadership and why giving autonomy and authority are key.

How do leaders get in the way of giving autonomy and authority to the next level? Get 4 tips from the episode to not react in crisis.

Key points from this episode.

  1. Don’t confuse delegation with distributed leadership.
  2. Distributed Leadership is a must for high paced global organisations.
  3. Giving Autonomy and Authority are key to make Distributed Leadership work.
  4. Trust in strategy and trust in people is critical for Distributed Leadership to function.

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