#62 Why is it important to Dare To Lead?

Deepa Natarajan

What will you get from listening to this episode?

Why is vulnerability important? What does it mean to dare to lead? When we choose comfort over courage, we avoid difficult conversations, we don’t give feedback and still hold the expectations over people. So, then why do we choose comfort over courage?

Kathy and Deepa discuss why courageous conversations are important for relationships?

Kathy shares the formula on how we can raise back from failure. Listen to the episode to know more.

Wanna know more about Kathy and Deepa:

Check out their LinkedIn profile KathyBall-Toncic and Deepa Natarajan

Kathy and Deepa will hold the “Dare To Lead” program of Brené Brown in near Toulouse, France. Checkout: meetmypotential.com/daretolead



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