#61 Why everyone needs a purpose? with Mark Leruste

Mark Leruste

About Mark Leruste

Mark Leruste is someone who inspires me. He has an ability to connect with people through simple annecdotes and stories. He is the found of the podcast “The Unconventionalists”. He calls himself the Chief Purpose Office of the Ministry of Purpose whose mission is to help organisations and business leaders clarify their purpose to better lead and inspire their life.

What insights you will get from this episode?

Why everyone needs to have a purpose? What happens when we don’t have a purpose? Coz, Clearly organisations that are not purpose driven struggle to attract and retain millennials. Purpose is something that helps you wake up and face a frosty Monday morning.

Learn 2 simple techniques in this episode from Mark on how you can set your own Purpose and that of your organisation. Get inspired and ignited!

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