#42 Wisdom of our body with Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher


What do you miss when you don’t keep eye contact? What’s important about that? How can you activate your body’s natural energy? Different people have different energy types, learn one simple trick to active your body energy.

About Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher  is the co-founder of 9energies and the most specialised person in identifying people’s natural energies and how they show up in their body and in their interaction with others.

Susan Fisher’s insights on the wisdom present in our body

There are 9 physiologically different kinds of people. Each of us is born with one of nine body types, that we call Natural Energy. We have a simple physical process to determine which physiology is yours. Everyone has a Natural Energy – a way of being that comes with the body we are living in.

  • She talks about they different types of people and how their type impacts the way they create relationships
  • Depending on your natural energy you make decisions differently through head, emotions, body etc.
  • Her insights bring awareness of how we unknowing interpret signals in the way we make judgements.
  • She talks about how you can use your body to receive more information.

Approach life as if the person in front of you is not like you, and then be curious.

More about 9energies:

Visit: www.9energies.com

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