#43 How can organisations swim in deeper waters with Faith Fuller

Faith Fuller


How can organisations think more deeper and bigger? What is ONE simple step that you can take to get your teams to think bigger? What stops us from thinking bigger? 4 simple questions that you can use in your team meetings to ignite this process.

About Faith Fuller

Faith Fuller is co-owner and President of CRR Global. She is a psychologist and experienced trainer and coach, with over 15 years of experience in working with organizations, couples and communities.

Faith takes a systems approach to coaching, namely that all aspects of the system need to be addressed in order for effective change to occur.

Faith Fuller’s Key Insights on How to swim deeper waters in an organisation

  • What are stages of evolution of an organisation?
  • How can people start to think more wider, deeper and bigger than just focus on the products we are producing.
  • She share 1 Extremely simple  way for people to think deeper and bigger.
  • She talks about the importance of Reflection Time and how that can be done in teams.
  • Faith share’s the Biggest Challenge that blocks people from thinking deeper and bigger.


Remember: If you are feeling something needs to change, your voice matters, you are the voice of the system. So, take the first step to listen to Faith’s simple and effective insights.

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