#44 What is vulnerability with Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies


What is vulnerability? What is not vulnerability? What challenges do people face to be more vulnerable? One TIP that will help you take a step closer to be vulnerable?

Gareth Davies’s Key Insights on Vulnerability

  1. Understand what is Vulnerability?
  2. The common myth revolving Vulnerability and Trust. How can trust be build if it doesn’t exist.
  3. How much do we share with vulnerability on the table?
  4. Learn about the ONE key element that is needed in organisations for people to be vulnerable.
  5. The best insight on why people “Blame” and how they can go past that culture.

About Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies  is from The Bravest Path. He works with individuals, teams, and organisations to develop courage, compassion and connection through psycho-educational workshops and coaching. The bravest path is one of 1storganisations in Europe to offer the “Dare to Lead” program from the research of Brene Brown. Brene Brown has done over 20 yrs of research with 400,000 pieces of data and interviewed 150 Global’s C-Suite leaders.

In short Gareth is an expert on Vulnerability.

To know more head over to: https://thebravestpath.com/who-we-are/



it means to show up and be seen. 

To ask for what you NEED. 

to talk about how you are feeling. 

to have the HARD conversations” 

Brene Brown

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