#50 Assumptions – Why they get in the way of good relationships? with Deepa

Deepa Natarajan

Why do our assumptions get in the way of our relationships? How do they impact our relationships? How do assumptions impact the decisions we take? When did these assumptions get created? Are we aware of our assumptions?

In 10min Deepa shares her perspective on how assumptions get in the way of good relationships.

Key Insights from this episode

  • We are constantly making assumptions in our life in work and in our out of work-life too and this impact the actions we take.
  • Our assumptions get formed through our education and cultural upbringing.
  • The brain is designed to make assumptions, these are called mental models. Once we know what we are assuming we then have the power to change these.
  • How assumptions impact our relationships with people at work?


The more you know what you are assuming, the more you have the power to change those assumptions which are leading to certain perspectives.

About my uncovering your hidden assumptions:

May 2018, Boston, I got certified in Immunity to Change Process. Ever since I use this technique to uncover hidden assumptions. This process creates a higher level of conscious awareness that helps you to achieve your goals with less struggle. If you have heard this episode and want to discover your hidden assumption that is stopping you from achieving your goals with ease, write to me and I will be happy to offer you 1 free coaching session. In just 1 session you will gain awareness that will trigger your growth.

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