#51 What is the impact of organisational politics on the mind? with Deepa

Deepa Natarajan


What is Politics? What is organisational Politics? What words come to your mind when you hear politics? How does that impact your mind? What is one thing you can do to create more clear spaces and free your mind.



Key Points discussed in the Podcast

  • Aristotle’s definition of Politics: Politics is a “practical science” because it deals with making citizens happy.
  • Michael Jarrett, Prof from INSEAD Singapore describes Organisational Politics as:

” Organisational politics refers to a variety of activities associated with the use of

influence tactics to improve personal or organisational interests.”

  • Politics makes people Hyper vigilant.
  • Hyper Vigilant is an intense anxiety that gets created about all the things that can go wrong. Its a sense of Vigilance that is too alert and doesn’t rest.
  • 3 Main Impacts of being Hyper vigilant: Becoming Self-protective
  • Becoming Paranoid
  • Feeling Lonely
  • One TIPBring more clarity by courageously sharing the story you are making
  • e.g. The story I am making is that ______(story: you are waiting for me to fail) and that makes me ________(feeling: not trust you), I need _________(your need: you to share the more information with my team).
  • You have the choice to switch off that TV channel in your brain that makes stories i.e. you have the choice to believe every thought you have.


CLARITY means peace of mind.

CLARITY means efficiency.

I hope you will take one step forward to creating a clear space around you.

Questions, suggestions, want to share your story with me…I would love to hear from you.

About my work on Organisational Politics:

I have been helping organisations make change happen through mindset change programs. I was intrigued by the power of politics. So I interviewed about 20 people in 4 different organisations and they shared numerous stories with me. Some of the managers spoke to me for almost 1,5 hrs when we had only 45 min schedule. There is a strong need for manager in organisations to talk about this subject and reduce the inefficiency it creates. I am currently building a program on brave leadership to free the mind of politics.

To know more about the pilot program, please write to me at:

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