#86 Design Systems for Inclusion with Suzie Lewis

Suzie Lewis

How do you design systems for inclusion? We all want inclusion and want to work for a system that is inclusive, but in the workplace we are run by policies and procedures. These systems may have thought they were inclusive but what is the reality? Do you feel empowered at your job? Do you feel that you are involved in decision making?

Today I’m joined with Suzie Lewis and we are diving into how to build systems for inclusion. Come hear how you can be part of the change your workplace culture may need.

Key Points from this Episode:

  • Design for Inclusion approach that Suzie has created and a brand new program you can join soon
  • How to incentivize involvement on your team and in your organization
  • Four Founding Elements of Designing Inclusion – Empathy, Psychological Safety, Collective Intent and Vision, and Co-Responsibility
  • Empathy is the starting point of Inclusion and Design Thinking
  • How to start making change around you – visualize, understand, define, act and pilot small changes, and realize this is primarily about transforming people, it will not happen overnight.
  • Before transitioning to “We”, you have to understand “I”.
  • How to do a diagnostic to see how inclusive is your organization.

About Suzie Lewis

Suzie is a global business leader and executive coach with extensive experience of international transformation projects and preparing business leaders and employees for change. Visit her website to learn more – www.transformforvalue.com.

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