#87 How to Overcome Fatigue and Achieve with Ease with Deepa

Deepa Natarajan

High Achievers set a goal, they go all in and give 100%. They don’t stop until it is achieved. Then, they move on to the next goal in a heartbeat. Do they achieve high amounts of success? Of course, yes. There is no doubt of that. But what is the cost?

Join me as I give 3 simple ways to break out of this pattern of constantly moving and focusing on the future!

Key Points from this Episode:

  • High Achievers love goals and being constantly challenged
  • What is the cost of always driving and pushing to the next goal?
  • How can High Achievers be challenged and be present in the moment to appreciate the here and now
  • Be present with ‘what is’.
  • Emotions are often underrated in the business world, but all decisions include emotions as well as data so make sure you are checking in with how you are feeling daily.
  • Look how far you have come and how much you have achieved.
  • Remember, the present moment is all we have.
  • You are enough as you are!

I hope you liked this episode! Please leave a review and let me know – do you consider yourself a High Achiever? Do you give yourself all the credit you deserve for everything you achieve?

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Samskara Dec 2021 Issue #08

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