#95 Embrace Ambiguity with Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden

We live in a complex world and as humans, our brains often try to find ways to break complex things down into simple, manageable tasks. But what if instead we embraced the complexity and the chaos around us? What would happen if we let go of needing to know every answer to every question? 

Today I’m speaking with Dave Snowden, Founder of Cognitive Edge. Dave has been a pioneer of complexity and encourages us to let go of some of the ideas we may think are serving us and our brains. Get ready to be challenged!

Key Points from this Episode:

  • Cynefin Framework – there are five different domains where five different types of Leadership are needed.
  • Good leaders take those with them that compliment their weaknesses.
  • Complexity is the new simplicity.
  • You won’t know what you need to change, you need to have a team around you to see where you are intentionally blind.
  • Collective leadership is necessary in complex adaptive environments.
  • Hear about small experiments you can implement at your company.
  • Consciousness is a distributed function in the body, it’s not just in the brain.
  • There’s a difference between giving people direction and having goals.
  • Hierarchy does not help in complexity.
  • Leaders need diversity around them. Remember, cynics are the ones who care- keep them around.
  • Be more connected and engaged in the world.
  • Accept things as they are, don’t fight against them.

About Dave

Dave Snowden is Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge. Dave is currently working on the application of natural sciences to social systems through the development of a range of methods and the SenseMaker® software suite. Cognitive Edge is the pioneer of the field of complexity, charting the way before complexity became “mainstream”.

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