#94 A Wider Perspective of Inclusion with Aron Le Fevre

Aron Le Fevre

This Thursday (10 December) is Human Rights Day. We are celebrating this year by speaking with Aron Le Fevre, the Director of Human Rights at Copenhagen 2021. He has a profound range of international politics and a solid knowledge of inclusion and equality with focus on the LGTBQ+ community. Take a listen and hear how you might be able to widen your perspective of inclusion. 

Key Points from this Episode:

  • Inclusion means that every person can be him/her/themselves and not have to live in fear about being accepted. It is very broad.
  • Many times, we hide certain parts of ourselves because we are afraid of having this difference from our colleagues.
  • Diversity needs to be embraced.
  • If you accept yourself, it will be easier to accept others.
  • Systemic change is needed. Everything starts with the individual though.
  • There is a need for shared responsibility and to be in service of others.
  • Visibility is key to inclusion.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and experience the world. Go see how other parts of the world live.
  • We need to move faster to this place of inclusion. We all need to be more curious to always be challenging our own biases. 
  • Change can only be made when we look at ourselves.

About Aron Le Fevre

Aron is a passionate and multilingual champion of human rights, with experience in international politics and the global LGBTI+ and Pride community. He is leading the Copenhagen 2021 Human Rights Forum with the goal to elevate the international LGBTI+ agenda, working together with a multitude of governments, civil society and non-governmental organizations both in Denmark and abroad. Check out Copenhagen 2021 on their website.

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