# 73 Getting out from hard failures with Dr. Tamer Shahin

Dr. Tamer Shahin

This is a true story of an entrepreneur who set up his business and made millions in a short time, got published in Forbes as a digital health thought leader, owned a Ferrari, and then everything came tumbling down the point that his business partner went to prison and he had 2M in personal debt.

One of the most painful moments for Dr. Tamer Shahin was to call his business partner’s pregnant wife and tell her that her husband won’t be home for the delivery.

Tamer then rebuilt success in digital health, won a UK national innovation award, and gave a TEDx talk. He has learnt from extraordinary success and catastrophic adversity! Today, he is on a mission to help business owners and entrepreneurs learn those precious lessons.

What insights you will get from this episode:

  • What failure feels like? How to break out of your cocoon and not be a hermit when failure hits you.
  • How can we embrace failure and move forward?
  • How can we as leaders, bear responsibility for ourselves, as well as others during times of failure?
  • We can’t engineer our way out of failure, but we can talk about how we feel when things don’t work out.
  • What is needed for “Rising Strong”? How do we turn the page and become resilient?
  • Simple tips to raise up again with resilience after a failure.

About Dr. Tamer Shahin

Dr. Tamer Shahin went from academia, to advising country ministers on national policy and multi-billion-dollar productivity programs, founding and growing multi-seven figure businesses, living large (then not so large) in Dubai, and taking a global health start up stratospheric. He’s advised corporate titans, authored several textbooks, taught at universities around the world, spoken at TEDx, and published in Forbes as a digital health thought leader.

Tamer has gone through rags to riches and (seriously) back again. He’s designed learning at every level — and learned the hard way that capacity often starts with belief, and that success often starts with failure.

Tamer now enjoys being a serial entrepreneur, investor, business coach and mentor. Currently the founder and CEO of CEO Entrepreneur, he transforms entrepreneurs into CEO’s and small businesses into global companies; without stress or overwhelm. CEO Entrepreneur: https://ceoentrepreneur.com

Take the 3-min super intelligent business clarity quiz and get a free customised report on your single biggest business challenge: https://ceoentrepreneur.com/quiz

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