#74 How to get rid of imposter syndrome with Clare Josa

Clare Josa


Do you wake at 3am and worry what if they find out that “I’m a fraud” or “I am not as good as people think?”

Then maybe it is imposter syndrome that you are suffering from. You don’t have to pretend anymore to be someone. You can end imposter syndrome and be yourself.

The four signs of Imposter Syndrome for Clare are:

  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • Project Paralysis
  • People pleasing

We can’t rationalize with our logical mind, coz if you do that you will only end of wresting with those thoughts giving it more attention and you will end up making it worse. One can’t use mindset level tools to deal with identity level issues.

What Insights you will get from this episode:

  • What is imposter syndrome?
  • How does it manifest in the workplace?
  • How can you identify if someone at work is suffering from imposter syndrome?
  • How to men and women cope with it? What’s the difference?
  • Why does changing negative self-talk with positive ones does not work?
  • How do develop natural resilience?
  • What can you do in 60sec to turn them over?

About Clare Jose

Clare Josa is a professional speaker and the author of seven books.She has specialized in helping business leaders and high achievers to clear the self-sabotaging thoughts and change behaviors caused by Imposter Syndrome. The stuff that goes deeper than mindset or confidence, but which gets in the way of you making the difference you really want to make in the world.

She is the author of eight books. Her latest book: Ditching Imposter Syndromewas published in 2019.

Get your ABC technique:http://www.clarejosa.com/meetmypotential/


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