#75 How does your confidence steal your potential with Bob Gentle

Bob Gentle

Are you a shy introvert? Are you struggling to get your voice out there and be heard?

Bob tells us we often see mediocre people standing up and taking all the attention and amazing people hiding their light and it is completely irrational. So how do you get yourself out there and not let your shy nature limit you?

“We don’t change being shy and or being an introvert, but we can learn to get our of our comfort zone and not let that limit our potential.” – Bob Gentle

Insights you will get from this episode: 20″

  • What is it to be shy and how does it steal your potential?
  • How can you break down the barriers of being shy and or being an introvert and get out of your comfort zone?
  • How does comparing yourself with others help or hinder you?
  • How can you change the way you are so that you can stand in the spotlight?

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Samskara Dec 2021 Issue #08

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