#76 How do we make decisions in complex times with Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston

We all make sense of the world differently and make meaning differently. As we move into complexity that becomes a greater challenge. 

Do you question the way decisions are taken in complex times? What might be going wrong in the way decisions are made in meetings?

I have been observing senior executive meetings and providing feedback and I found Keith Johnston from Cultivating Leadership has some great insights on this topic.

What insights you will get from this episode:

  • Typical mistakes executives make in meetings.
  • How early convergence and polite agreements get in the way of solving problems in complex times?
  • Why letting go of – “holding on to rightness” – is so important?
  • What assumptions get in the way of running a great meeting?
  • Key ingredients of running meetings in complex times.

About Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston co-authored with Jennifer Garvey Berger Simple Habits for Complex Times. Leadership development was the focus of his PhD. He has explored the capability for complexity required of senior leaders and how this might be enabled.


Website: https://www.cultivatingleadership.com

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