#90 There is No Compromise in Commitment with Angela Philp

Angela Philp

What is your biggest commitment for this year? Do you ever feel like you are slipping away from this commitment? Can there be any compromise in commitment? If so, what is the impact of making compromises in your commitments?

Join Angela Philp and I as we discuss these questions and give simple tools to help you navigate your commitments through the rest of this year.

Key Points from this Episode:

  • Making very clear definitions of commitment and compromise
  • Learn if you are committed to pleasing or serving.
  • Examples of having commitment with no compromise
  • How to make a commitment
  • Commitment comes from something bigger than you
  • Easy tips for reminding you of your commitment – get your sticky notes out!
  • Stay inspired by others around you! And surround yourself by a community, virtual and in person.
  • Courage is a muscle that needs to be worked on
  • Voice, write down and be your commitment! And don’t compromise.

About Angela Philp

Angela is an Executive Leadership Coach. She supports women who’ve created millions in revenue for their organisations through their deep commitment, devotion and brilliance, to also get more REAL, lean more fully into their edge – and own their power. Visit her website to learn more about her and her company, Queen of Possible.

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