#98 Reach Out of Your Comfort Zone with Andy Molinsky

Andy Molinsky

When we are young, it is so easy for us to try new things and get out of our comfort zone. But as we grow up, different situations happen where we start to learn to stay where we are comfortable. Perhaps we have a big failure and lose something dear to us. Maybe we do something wrong and get criticized harshly. No matter the way it happens, we become conditioned to not take risks.

Today, listen to the show to hear Andy Molinsky speak about his formula, The Three C’s, to reach out of your comfort zone. Get inspired to discover your conviction, customize your approach and gain clarity on what your reality might look like!

Key Points from this Episode:

  • We all have different zones: comfort, panic, learning, etc. Different tasks fall into different zones and they can change over time. 
  • Anxiety does serve a purpose; too much might paralyze you from action but a little bit might provide the right amount of motivation for you to step outside your comfort zone.
  • The Three C’s: Conviction, Customization and Clarity. Think about a situation that is outside of your comfort zone. First think about the why, this covers Conviction. Next you can figure out a way to make stepping outside a little easier for you, customize it. Finally establish the realistic outcomes of this step outside of your comfort zone, this provides clarity.
  • Babies have a learning orientation, they get feedback from parents and the outcomes of what they try. Over time, we shift from learning orientation to a performance orientation. 
  • Psychological safety plays a big part in stepping outside of comfort zones within organizations. Think about how you can contribute to your organization’s psychological safety.
  • We are really good at avoiding anything outside of our comfort zone, but if we try and reflect on what happens then every time it will get easier. 
  • When stepping outside our comfort zones it is very common to have some kind of physical or body response (like a knot in your stomach). Normalize this! 

About Andy

Andy Molinsky is a professor, consultant and keynote speaker. He helps individuals and teams reach their potential by learning to step outside their personal and cultural comfort zones. He is the author of two popular business books (Global Dexterity and Reach)and was recently chosen as one of Marshall Goldsmith’s Top 50 World Leaders in Coaching. He has two different coaching and training certification programs based on his books. Check out his website – www.andymolinsky.com

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