#55 What is the origin of Organisational Politics by Lori Shook

Lori Shook


Why do people play organisational Politics? In simple terms how does our brain work? Understand some simple things that explains the human behaviour. Why to people allow others to fail in an organisation? Why do people hold grudges and take revenge? How can you tap into the wisdom and the sage in you with your prefrontal cortex? Lori shares one TIP to have more peace and convergence in organisation.


Insights you will get from listening to Lori (21min)

  • What is politics? Is it something negative / pejorative?
  • What is the origin of organisational politics?
  • How does the survival brain get in the way of us responding from a rational creative way?
  • What does our emotional limbic brain do when threatened?
  • How can we activate more of our reasoning : prefrontal cortex?
  • A lot of times we think we are logical when in fact we are driven by the emotional brain. This happens subconsciously or unconsciously.
  • What triggers our limbic brain that makes us take revenge, hold grudges?

“No one person can hold the complexity of everything. The minute you think that things are simple, that’s an indication that your limbic system is in charge of you.” 

About Lori Shook

Lori Shook has more than 20 years of experience in creating experimental learning. her programs are based on neuroscience and she is passionate about making learning stick. She loves to bring science, people development into organisations and societies.

Website: https://shooksvensen.com



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