#54 What do you need to see to be an Agile Organisation by Peter Stoppelenburg

Peter Stoppelenburg


What is an Agile Organisation? Why is it important to reinvent your organisation? What is the ONE Big challenge organisations face to become more agile? What behaviours do we see in a Agile organisation? Learn ONE simple TIP that will take you a step closer to becoming more agile.

About Peter Stoppelenburg

Peter Stoppelenburg is the founder of House of transformation with 25 years of experience in Business and transforming organisations. He helps teams become high performing teams.

Insights you will get from listening to Peter (27min)

  • What does an Agile Organisation look like?
  • What is the biggest challenge that gets in the way of becoming an Agile organisation?
  • How does too much Control, over perfection, pleasing and distancing take people from an Agile organisation.
  • 70% of the ingredients needed for an Agile Organisation is: Culture, Mindset and Attitude.
  • Why is it hard to enrol people in a transformation?
  • The importance of Kindness and Support in organisations.
  • What’s fundamentally needed to build trust.

Learn more about Peter at: http://houseoftransformation.nl

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