#53 When do you know you are successful? by Anya Romanova

Anya Romanova

When do you know you are successful? Who is a successful person for you? What is it about them that makes them successful? What gets in the way of us feeling like we are successful? Anya answers some of these questions from a very simple and different perspective. Listen 18min on how you can feel successful.

What you will get from this episode

  • When will you know you are successful? What does that look like? What are those metrics?
  • Anya answers how she measures success and shares her perspective on “When is it enough?” “When do you know that you have arrived?”
  • What is the feeling and emotion you are desiring about success?
  • What’s important about Presence. Authority. Confidence.
  • What comes in the way of feeling successful?

What is the measure of success for you?

About Anya Romanova:

Anya Romanova is a certified coach, and facilitator who specialises in Diversity and Inclusion. She has build her own community of 700 women member and has now created an online program and teaches other coaches to build their communities through life workshop.

She is the co-founder of Modern Love Project , where she runs events for conscious singles in Toronto. She has spearheaded a women’s leadership group “Spark Your Life Sisterhood” with over 700 members. Has designed and lead over 60 workshops in the last 3 years.

Website: https://www.anyaromanova.com

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