#7 When Does Hard Work Not Work with Ben Dooley

Ben Dooley


How do we ensure that hard work is paying off in our lives? What impact will you make as a leader of a team to make sure that objectives are realized?

In this episode, we will be dissecting on the topic “When does hard work not work” with Ben Dooley. Ben is an amazing life coach.


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When Does Hard Work Not Work?

In life, more often than not, we reach the point where we find ourselves doing so much work and yet the desired outcome seems to continually elude us. And yet, there are some easy and practical ways of discovering when we are not making progress while working hard.

Hard work is not working when we are putting in so much effort and it feels as if things are not moving or you’re not getting the results you want.

When that happens, we often keep on doing what we’re doing and hope that something magically will change. This is not the best approach to take to ensure that our hard work yields a satisfying and accomplishing fruit. 

We need to have a clear-cut and well-defined goal and pathway to how we are going to achieve it. Sometimes we may have a realistic goal but are unclear as to how we are going to achieve it.

Signs that show that Hard Work is NOT Working

  • The stress levels that we are subjected to when our hard work is not paying off keep us in survival, making us ignore the symptoms of hard work without fruition.
  • When we are in a survival mode, we are thrown into the panic state and every other thing becomes irrelevant. Our ability to become creative and notice whats not working becomes weak and our hard work goes unnoticed.

We can respond to situations by working from a calm state looking at the different layers of our needs. When you are in the state of fear, you cannot see this; you will end up doing the wrong things and hit the cul-de-sac trying to survive.

If we can get clear of our fears, then we are aware of values that are being compromised and that may give us a choice of how we want to respond.

In a team, every member has to come together, put on their thinking caps and conjure a strategy to make their hard work yield results. The blame games should be disposed and every member engaged and brought on board to the ideas and strategy. Every effort of the team players should be recognised and acknowledged. This is regardless of their attitude. The positive sides should be looked at and this is not possible when we are in the survival mode.

In Organisations How Should People Move Out Of the Survival Zone into Creating a Team Spirit?

The team members can come together and make agreements on how to handle conflicts and disagreements as a team and not as combatants. These agreements creates a spirit of love and trust in the organization and increases productivity. Every team should have team agreements.

We should not live our lives out of fear. We should live getting creative and enhancing the society and ourselves.

Create values, strategies and agreeements to make your hard work pay you.

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