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Three Ways to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Business Performance

Did you know there is only one person getting in the way of you reaching your potential? Yes, only one! And it is you. There are 3 ways you could be self-sabotaging yourself and your business performance. Let’s explore them so you can allow your potential to shine and allow your business to perform.

  1. Spending too much time with your self-doubt

    • What does this mean? Having inner dialogue like “I’m not enough” or “Who am I to claim this big spot?”. Sometimes this dialogue takes over our thoughts and we spend too much time with them.
    • What to know? Everyone has these thoughts! The difference between top performers and others is – how quickly do you get over your self-doubt; is it 10 seconds or 10 hours?

 How can you overcome spending too much time with your self-doubt?

Write down all of the times you have faced challenges in the last year, five years, or more. Next to the challenge, write down the quality that helped you get through the challenge.

It’s easy to forget the skills that we have within us. Remind yourself! By creating this list, you’ll know that you can rise up strong and quickly. It only takes 30 seconds to do this exercise.

  1. Not saying no enough

    • What does this mean? When you say “Yes” to so many people, but you don’t say “Yes” to yourself. You end up losing time and energy for yourself and your business.

How can you overcome this problem and say “No” more easily?

Give yourself full permission. That’s right, give yourself full permission. This exercise takes only 3 minutes. Write down what are the projects or people that you will stop working with? Simply answer the question:

If you give yourself full permission, what would you say no to?

Every week, take the list and start saying “No” to one thing each week.

  1. Listening too much to other people

    • What does this mean? This doesn’t mean you don’t listen well! What I mean here is when you ask others for their advice and opinions, it is easy to get lost in all of the opinions. And we end up listening to too many advices and find ourselves feeling lost and overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin.

When we start comparing ourselves with others, it is hard to take action.

How can you clear out the noise when you are overloaded with information and advice?

Make a list of all the advices from other people. Then take one advice, follow it and put the others on hold for later.

And when you get into action, things become clear and then you will see how to integrate (or not) the other advices you got. Remember you are the master of your business and so you are the one who gets to decide your path.

Bonus: Are you sitting with fears and letting them decide for you?

    • Have you ever felt worried that your idea will fail? Do you become paralyzed with the fear and find that you are not taking action? When we sit with our fears, we are not acting from our highest self.
    • Try talking to five different people about your fears. Yes, it will be hard and vulnerable. It will take time, but allow yourself to get into that dialogue. Why 5 people? Because five people will bring five different perspectives – five different ways to approach your situation. Don’t wait, don’t be ashamed! Go get out there and bring momentum to your project!

So there you have it, three ways you are self-sabotaging yourself and your business performance, plus a bonus! Remember, the more you can quickly recover from these self-sabotaging ways, the more your potential will shine, and your business will perform better.

Please leave a review and let me know how the tips I shared to work through your self-sabotage worked for you! Are there other ways you are self-sabotaging? What other ways can you help your business performance? Leave a comment!

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Deepa Natarajan

Hello, I am Deepa. I wish to create a waterhole of resources that supports people to tap into their POTENTIAL. I want you to make life affirming decisions and achieve results both personally and professionally.

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