#92 The Inadequacies of the Rational Mind with Joel Monk

Joel Monk

Are you always on the move? Running to the next meeting or get the next project done? Do you find yourself relying on your logical, problem-solving mind? So many of us do! And to be honest, the world and society has rewarded this behavior for too long.

Today I’m joined by Joel Monk, co-Founder of Coaches Rising, to discuss the inadequacies of our rational minds. Take this time for yourself, maybe go out for a walk or find a place to sit and take in Joel’s words of wisdom. It is so important to not only take time for ourselves, but also listen to our bodies and make sure we connect so we can use the intelligences of our emotions and bodies. Let this podcast be a gift to you today.

Key Points from this Episode:

  • The rational mind brings many gifts to us, we need to use it. Over the years though, we have placed too much emphasis on our rational minds. There are limits of the rational mind, we cannot depend on it for everything. There needs to be a balance.
  • We need to develop emotional intelligence, body intelligence, and cultivate presence. This can open creativity and new solutions to problems you were encountering when you were stuck in your rational thoughts and ways.
  • We get socialized in a certain way – performance and achievement are defined based on our upbringing. It’s so important once we are grown to take time to stop and get curious about what we as our own person define success as and what we need physically, mentally, and spiritually in order to feel our best. 
  • Our world is so prone to action and doing instead of stillness and silence. We need to slow down and give space to feeling into nonverbal cues. Naming what is the feeling of the room or a meeting is a valuable leadership skill. And yes, you can do this without using your sight!
  • Cognitive overload surrounds us; look for ways to bring simplicity into your life and work.
  • Expand your window of tolerance with practices like going out in nature, breathing exercises, meditation, or any activity that slows you down and takes you out of your rational intelligence.
  • Once we are open to sensing, we will be more open to welcome uncertainty and the unknown. This is truly how we live in complexity.
  • Welcome all emotions. They are all valid.
  • Take a pause, breathe and feel into your body. Notice what shows up without judgement. Remember to take moments of stillness throughout your day. 

Let us know what you felt from this conversation. What are you recognizing? What is stirring inside of you? Thank you so much for listening!

About Joel Monk

Joel Monk is a leadership coach, educator, facilitator and entrepreneur. You can get in touch with Joel by emailing him,

He co-founded Coaches Rising, a company on the cutting edge of online coach training with a community of nearly 50,000 coaches. Coaches Rising programs regularly include participants from every continent on the planet and they have collaborated with some of the leading minds in the field of human development and coaching.

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