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#77 How can you take ownership of your career with Andy Storch

Are you fatigued by your job and want to make a change in your career and just don’t know how.  

Andy Storch is a talent development specialist and if you wanna to know how to make that shift listen in. It is time to S.T.O.P drifting along in your career, especially if you don’t find meaning and purpose in what you do.

Is your job supporting the greater vision of where you want to get to in your life?

Does it get you excited to get to work?

Is your job connected with your purpose?

You get the picture it is important to own your career and own your life.

What insights you will get from this episode:

What does it mean to take ownership of your career?
How do you take ownership?
Taking ownership might look scary, but there are ways to not let norms of society run you and take away what you truly want to do. 
Ideas to get started on how you can shift your career. 
How to let go of the fear of judgement from others?
What are those tough conversations you need to have?
What kind of support can help you move ahead?

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