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#58 What is the culture that inspires people across generations with Matthieu Stefani

Matthieu a serial entrepreneur talks about the importance of values in an organisation. What do you do when employees are brilliant and don’t adhere to key values? What happens when you put results on top of values? Points covered in this episode Matthieu’s proverb: “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. Why is…

#57 Mindtraps and how to thrive in complexity by Jennifer Garvey Berger

What will you learn in this episode: What are the 5 mindtraps that detail us in complex times? An in-depth overview of the “control” mind trap. What happens when we control too much in complexity. How do we get into a negative spiral with control and how that impacts the culture at work. Jennifer Garvey…

#56 One simple way to deal with blame

In this episode Deepa share’s with you: ONE simple way to deal with blame. How most people respond when they feel blamed. How can we stop the conversation from becoming toxic and going downhill?

Learn one simple and powerful tip to deal with blame. Based on the research of Dr. John Gottman.

#55 What is the origin of Organisational Politics by Lori Shook

Why do people play organisational Politics? In simple terms how does our brain work? Understand some simple things that explains the human behaviour. Why to people allow others to fail in an organisation? Why do people hold grudges and take revenge? How can you tap into the wisdom and the sage in you with your prefrontal cortex? Lori shares one TIP to have more peace and convergence in organisation.